Mobility for everyone


If you have experienced discrimination while out on the streets – by foot or by bike – or while using public transport, you can fill out this form and tell us about your experience(s).

We are, for example, referring to experiences such as

  • racist, anti-semitic, islamophobic or queerphobic language,
  • physical violence and sexual harassment,
  • a lack of accessibility,
  • mobility services you could not afford to use because they were too expensive
  • and a lack of direct connections to certain facilities such as shared accommodation for refugees.

You decide what you want to share. For us it is only important that your experiences are connected to your mobility.

What happens to your answers?

  • We want to learn more about the problems, dangers and obstacles you are confronted with in your (daily) mobility. To improve the general conditions we will use the answers to compile a list of political demands. On a day of action this summer, we will publish the stories. They will be shown in Potsdam and possibly other places, but also online.
  • If you give us your permission, we would like to use your answers for this “exhibition“. Your story can be published entirely anonymously or with some information about you – however you like.
  • Racist, sexist, queerphobic, ableist and other slurs will of course be censored when we publish the stories.
  • If we believe that a story might be retraumatizing for passengers who are affected by discrimination and violence, we will not use it for the „exhibition“ in public but will publish it online and add a trigger warning.
  • If your answers are too long to be written down on a poster, we might choose an excerpt. However, we will always add your full story.

Thank you for telling us about your experiences!

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