With this survey and the project it is a part of we aim to create a platform to talk about discrimination and violence – specifically such that takes place in public space or transport.

Many people’s access to mobility, e.g. with buses or trains, is limited by certain barriers or they experience hostility or physical and sexualised violence in public space and transport.

However, these experiences and burdens are often ignored and downplayed – but with your help we want to change that! We are organising a day of action during which we will “exhibit” stories of those affected on the streets and online so that these experiences can no longer be overlooked. Additionally, we are compiling a list of political demands to show the changes that need to be made in Brandenburg.

If you want to joins us in demanding change and making these problems visible, you can fill in this questionnaire and talk about your experiences with discrimination. Using your answers, we can draft political demands and – if you consent to it – we would also like to use them for the day of action.

Some people who are part of this project may not have made the same or similar experiences as you have. We all have to listen, learn and grow.

We know that this is about something very personal and oftentimes uncomfortable or painful and thus want to thank you very much for sharing you experiences with us.

We also know that discrimination is a difficult topic that is often made a taboo which can make it hard to realise that you have experienced it yourself. Therefore, we want to give you some examples:


  • Your body is commented on while you are out on the streets or using public transport, someone tells you about their sexual fantasies or threatens you with (sexualised) violence. Someone touches you without your consent or you get catcalled at.
  • You are excluded or insulted because of your sexuality, gender, (alleged) origin, skin colour, your looks in general, religion or disability.
  • People ask you where you are actually from or tell you to “go back to your country”.
  • You are threatened with or experience physical violence because of your alleged sexuality or origin, because you look how you look and thus are attributed certain characteristics.
  • You cannot get to work, to school, to the doctor or wherever you want to go and you cannot use buses, teams, etc. because barriers are blocking your way. You cannot access train stations because there are no (working) lifts.
  • Tickets for public transport are so expensive that you cannot afford them and thus you cannot go everywhere you want to. When you buy a ticket, you need to save money elsewhere.
  • You can hardly get to or leave shared accommodation for refugees or facilities that protect you from violence because they lack good public transport connections.

Still, these are only examples.

If you want to know more about discrimination, you can read these descriptions of different forms (they are in German though).

If you prefer to share your experiences in a different way, you can contact us via e-mail ( and send us a few lines, a voice message, a video or a creative depiction of your experience – however you like.

Erstellen Sie Ihre eigene Umfrage zu Nutzerfeedback.

Finally, some information regarding the publication:

  • Racist, sexist, queerphobic, ableist and other slurs will of course be censored when we publish the stories.
  • If we believe that a story might be retraumatising for passengers who are affected by discrimination and violence, we will not use it for the “exhibition” in public but will publish it online and add a trigger warning.
  • If your answers are too long to be written down on a poster, we might choose an excerpt. However, we will always add your full story.